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Laboratory tests


Blood tests are performed in house with results in 15 minutes!


We provide modern in-house laboratory equipment so we can perform many blood tests in our clinic for all animals.


For surgery cases we will perform pre-anaesthetic tests on the day your pet comes in for surgery.

Check Blood Cells and Internal Organs are all healthy

  •       Whilst the vet performs an ‘external’ physical exam, blood tests perform an ‘internal’ exam of red and white blood cells to help us identify any unknown disease or health risk before we administer an anaesthetic. For example, increases in white blood cells may mean infection or low red blood cell levels may indicate anaemia.

  •       The tests results include levels of enzymes and electrolytes which show the state of internal organs; increases or decreases in these results may alert us to a disease state of an organ. For example, the liver and kidneys need to be functioning normally so the body can cope with the anaesthetic.We will notify you of any concerns.

Medical Conditions

If during your pets consultation, we advise further investigation of your pets condition is warranted with blood tests, we can quickly perform blood tests while you wait.

We have access to external Vetpath Pathology for a huge variety of further blood & urine tests as well as investigations such as tissue biopsies, parasitology, cell examinations and much more.

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