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Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine

Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine (VWHM) provides a vast array of complementary medical therapies we can use alongside Traditional Veterinary therapy, allowing us to provide optimum health for our animals. Many of these therapies have stood the test of time and it is surprising how many of these complementary therapies we already use, being well accepted & used on a daily basis.

Honey, for example, needs no  introduction as a well respected, efficient ingredient to our wound healing protocols. Clay poultices - used regularly as poultices for bruising in horses hooves & for decreasing limb swelling. Turmeric - very popular for reducing inflammation.

By applying careful research & our scientific knowledge to the study of VWHM, we can develop, supply & complement our traditional treatment plans for a wide variety of veterinary conditions. Increasing education, research & clinical knowledge in VWHM provides a platform for development of this field of medicine.

                              HONEYPRO VET

Veterinarian Developed Organic Veterinary Products 100% Natural

Our Veterinary Clinic has developed a range of organic treatment products used to complement our existing therapies. Our staple ingredients include raw honey, beeswax & Propolis; herbs such as Calendula, Milk Thistle, Turmeric & Slippery Elm; oils & tinctures from Coconut, Jojoba & Olive; Prebiotics & Probiotics, plus much more.


Holistic Vet Consultations are now part of all our veterinary consultations. Every animal is examined and treated with respect to treating all the body systems - not just one part of the animal. i.e. the "whole body" is examined.

This approach helps us to:

  • ensure thorough examination of all body systems

  • aids not only the diagnosis of disease but the pathogenesis - "Where has the disease come from? What body systems are involved?

  • widens the span of treatment plans to ensure all affected body systems are treated

For example - in SKIN DISEASE - the importance of gut health cannot be ignored? Why? Because the gut normally forms a barrier to the absorption of allergens, toxins and bacteria by the animal from the environment. Any breakdown in this barrier can produce disease - allergens etc absorbed into the blood can result in the skin being affected. The link between gut health and skin health cannot be ignored. Therefore when treating an e.g. Itchy Dog - we will be focusing a lot on improving gut health.

CIVT certif.jpg


  • Bachelor Science

  • Bachelor Veterinary Medicine & Surgery (1991)

  • Graduate Diploma Tertiary & Adult Education

  • FEI 3 * Official Equine Veterinarian


  • Essentials of Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine

  • Certification in Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine (current)

  • Certification in Veterinary Natural Nutrition


  • Graduate Diploma in Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine


Our clients can be confident in our scientifically sound training, knowledge & recommendations. Membership & training with the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies & the Veterinary Botanical Medical Association provides us with opportunity for Continuing Education & Certification.


Our products have been developed by combining scientific knowledge of the ingredients (herbs, plants, oils, salts, etc)  & how they may be safely used in veterinary medicine. We make informed choices based on scientifically sound information. 


Careful selection & combination of correct ingredients is critical, for safety & efficacy. For example, for Turmeric to be (1) absorbed & (2) effective, it needs to be combined with specific ingredients, such as an oil. Just feeding Turmeric powder will be ineffective as it will pass through the bowel without being absorbed.




The origin of ingredients is just as important as the selection of ingredients. We will select a plant for its' medical properties, which may vary according to geographical region. For example, properties of Bentonite Clay (used for hoof poultices)will vary in different regions of Australia.



Our HoneyPro Vet Organic Veterinary Products will be available to our clients in consultations; for purchase in our clinic & for purchase online.

VWHM treatments will be offered in appropriate cases to complement our traditional treatments. The complexity of botanical medicine demands careful selection and application of treatments.

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