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Small Animal Services

In Dr Joans' hands you can be confident your pet will receive knowledgeable care based on long experience in Small Animal Medicine, Surgery & Emergency Care.  Your pet will benefit from acquiring Dr Joan as their own private vet - you will see Dr Joan at every consultation. We do expect a team effort with pet owners to ensure quality of life for your pets.

As a Senior Australian Veterinarian for over 30 years, Dr Joan Deetman has accumulated a wealth of experience in all aspects of medicine & surgery for dogs & cats. In addition, Joan has brought Integrative Veterinary Medicine into her daily practice, combining Traditional Vet Medicine with Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine & Complementary Therapies.

Comprehensive Dental Services, Medical Consults, Surgery & Rehabilitation Treatments are offered alongside our routine medical services such as vaccinations.

Read on to learn more about our services and how you can contribute to your animal’s optimal health.

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Routine medical consultations, when performed regularly, offer the best possible way of monitoring your pets health. Along with annual vaccinations, regular consults allow us to detect changes in your pet which we can then assess & treat if required, before changes become irreversible.

Our physical exam will check all body systems and provide a profile of your pet which is stored in our records & always available to you. This baseline profile will help us compare exams & detect abnormalities on future visits.

With our physical exam & your pets clinical signs, we can build a problem list (if any). Our problem list allows us to form a list of "Differentials Diagnosis". If required, further investigations with blood & urine tests, xray and/or ultrasound, can be used to Rule In/Out items on our differential list.

You can read more about our Diagnostic Testing HERE.

Medical Consultations

If you're  unwell- or  having surgery -


Medical Consultations Cover:

  • Vaccinations

  • Abnormal behaviour 

  • Medically unwell - vomiting, diarrhoea, lethargy, neurological

  • Lameness, limping, abnormal gait

  • Decreased exercise tolerance

  • Coughing, respiratory illness

  • Ear problems

  • Skin problems

  • Toxin ingestion

  • Microchip implant

Comprehensive Dental Examinations & Treatments are available starting with a Dental Consult where we will assess the condition of your pets dental condition & advise you on treatments required.

Did you know that Dental Disease is the most common disease in small animal practice? 

Dental Health is a VERY IMPORTANT part of your pets welfare & health longetivity.


Pet Dentistry


Small Animal Surgery

All surgeries are performed under strict sterile conditions - just like in human surgery. We have a dedicated operating theatre and all equipment is sterilised in an autoclave prior to use.

Your pet will receive a sedative prior to surgery so they are calm and not concerned about the activity around them Our nurses take great care to ensure your pets receive lots of cuddles while we prepare them for surgery.

Therapeutic Laser Therapy for Small Animals

Therapeutic Laser Therapy (TLT) is a fantastic new modality we can offer for treatment of a variety of conditions in your pets. Through the power of super-pulsed light photons, we can decrease inflammation, increase the rate of wound healing and provide significant pain relief. 

Conditions we are successfully treating include:

  • arthritis (especially hips & elbows)

  • cruciate ligament injury

  • wounds

  • oral inflammation including dental disease

  • limb inflammation and much more.

  • The process is extremely well tolerated by pets - in fact - they love the Laser!

  • No needles, no hair shaving, no sedation required.

To extend the service - we have the My Pet Laser for HIRE so you can start the treatment in our clinic then continue treating your own pet yourself in your own home.

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Cruciate Ligament Injury & TLT


Cruciate ligament injury is a very common injury in many dogs - of all sizes and shapes. The two cruciate ligaments of the dogs stifle joint (or "knee") are place in an "X" position between the femur and tibia, helping to stabilise the joint. Injury can occur commonly from jumping, running, twisting and may also involve pre-existing conformational defects in these bones.

The ligaments are like "rope" fibres - damage may occur to only some of these fibres, resulting in minor to moderate lameness . Worse injury may result in the whole "rope" being torn with complete disruption to all the ligament fibres.


In the first case of minor injury, usually treated with rest and anti-inflammatories, healing that occurs only results in scar tissue formation, the ligament will not heal with the original strong fibres, therefore at high risk of re-injury. With severe injury where there is complete disruption - this scenario requires surgery to stabilise the joint.

TLT can assist in the treatment of cruciate ligament injury in all scenarios via:

  • significant reduction of inflammation in joint capsule tissues

  • promotes healing of the natural ligament fibres where there is partial damage

  • prevention of scar tissue formation in all tissues

  • significant pain relief

  • increase in blood supply for promotion of healing in all joint tissues 

Our traditional, well established protocols for treating these cases will include:

  • Cartrophen Arthritis Disease Modifying medication

  • Anti-inflammatory medication

  • Advice on diet & rehabilitation exercise

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