Equine Services

Sport Horse Medicine & Injury Rehabilitation Clinic * General Equine Medicine

Sport Horse Medicine, Performance & Injury Rehabilitation

Sport Horse Medicine is designed to:

  • prepare the equine athlete for competition

  • maintain the horse in peak physical condition

  • diagnose & treat illness or injury

  • design rehabilitation programs 

  • advise on ongoing modalities 

  • programs to ensure maintenance of the athlete.

Physical Examinations for diagnosis of physical & medical conditions must occur prior to initiation of any treatment regime.

Sport Horse Medicine services incorporate:

  • Equine Medical Clinic

  • Injury Rehabilitation

  • Therapeutic Ultrasound

  • Low Level Laser Therapy

  • Physical Therapies 

  • Equine Body Work

  • Proprioreceptive Therapy

  • Graded Rehabilitation Exercise Programs

General Equine Services

  • Routine procedures e.g. regular drenching, dental care, lameness, ambulatory work, poor performance, pre-purchase exams

  • Digital X-ray system and Ultrasound scanning for reproduction and diagnostics.

  • Emergency care for medical conditions and trauma e.g. colics, injuries

  • Link to more information on working as an FEI Offical Equine Veterinarian

  • Reproductive procedures including ultrasound scanning & pregnancy diagnosis.

  • Field surgery for castrations, minor surgical procedures and trauma care.

  • Medical consultations, lameness examinations, performance investigation.

  • Pre-Purchase Examinations 

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