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Itchy Skin Management in Dogs - is just that - MANAGEMENT. There is no silver bullet, no cure all, no one pill to fix it!  Our blend of specifically chosen herbs can assist in that management. Please CONTACT US for FREE VET ADVICE & to receive our FREE Itchy Dog Management Plan Client Information booklet.

Itchy Dog Tonic 300 ml

  • Our blended herbs may assist in Itchy Skin Management via:

    • Immune system support to help tackle allergies
    • Gastrointestinal support to soothe & heal the bowel, preventing "Leaky Bowel" syndrome.
    • Detoxify & cleanse the blood
    • Reduce stress & calm the anxiety of chronic disease


    • Chamomile
    • Astralgus
    • Rehmania
    • Burdock
    • Slippery Elm


    • This tonic is to be used as part of a Itchy Skin Management Plan. 
    • We advise you to contact us to discuss your pets overall health before starting the tonic. 
    • Some dogs may need a Veterinary Consultation initially or may require a different Tonic.
    • For Dogs only. Do not use in pregnant dogs.
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