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Veterinary Formula for Equine Gut Health

100% Natural Supplement that may assist in the maintenance of the entire gastrointestinal system via:


- Line, soothe & protect gut mucosa for naturalprotection of the entire gut lining

- Antiulcer action to prevent ulcer development

- Provide nutrition for cell repair of damaged bowel

- Detoxify liver & bowel contents

- Liver, kidney & pancreatic protective

- Assist coping with stress, lowering cortisol levels

- Better Insulin response, assist with prevention of laminitis

- Prebiotic & live Probiotics to colonise & grow in gut

- Seaweed for Natures Superfood; source of prebiotics to support probiotics


Slippery Elm 18%; Marshmallow 12%; Licorice 10%; Milk Thistle 12%; Glutamine 4% Seaweed Meal 40%; Probiotics 4% Saccharomyces yeast( S. Cerevisae & S. Boulardii) (100 Billion CFU/5 gm)

Instructions: Feed 20 - 40 gm once day in damp feed. Veterinary advice to feed 5 days per week only.

As with all Medicinal Herbs, we advise to allow periods of time to rest the body from supplements. Do this either by feeding 5 days a week or 3 weeks per month. 

After feeding for a 3 month period, we recommend removing Licorice from the formula. The balance of ingredients will be adjusted accordingly.

This formula may be fed alongside anti-ulcer supplements such as Omeprazole. Herbal formulas must be given time for their actions to effect - they are not drugs. So having this supplement in your horses system may allow ongoing action against ulcer development.


Equine Probiotic Digestive Supplement

  • We choose ingredients that work in SYNERGY - this means the actions of several herbs are enhanced when the ingredients are provided in several forms.


    When we feed probiotics it is vital we feed LIVE probiotics in order for them to colonise the gut.We have searched for the most efficient equine probiotics which are the live Saccharomyces yeasts included in our Premium mix. 


    Slippery Elm and Marshmallow decrease inflammation & are demulcents that are "slippery" - they work to soothe, protect & restore  the gut mucosal surface. These actions may assist in prevention of ulcer developement.


    Brewers Yeast is included as a rich source of Vitamin B, which along with Chamomile, can work to assist  a healthy, calm nervous system. Additonal benefits of Chamomile are anti-inflammatory and may decrease gut spasm.


    Glutamine is an important amino acid used by mucosal & intestinal cells to aid tissue repair. When intestinal cells are damaged, toxins can be absorbed through the "Leaky Gut" into the blood stream. Aiding repair of these cells is important along with a supply of healthy probiotics inside the gut.

    Coconut powder provides increased palatability as well as a handy source of fat and protein.


    Pony: 1-2 heaped tbspn/day   Horse: 2-3 heaped tbspn/day

    Mix into damp feed. Advisable to start with low dose until horse is used to new feed.


    Most individual herbs are fed at the rate of 20-30 gm/day (1/2 - 1 heaped tbspn) per herb. When we make a formula of herbs i.e. a mix of different herbs, the herbs work synergistically so that we can decrease the amount of each individual herb in the total formula.


     PURE SEAWEED POWDER At just 10 -20 gm/day this super food provides prebiotics, vitamins, minerals and amino acids primed for gut health. As not all horses immediately consume seaweed powder we advise to try a small amount first and if it is accepted, add it to the daily ration of "Success". Small amounts can be purchased in our shop.

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