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Veterinary Formula for Equine Gut Health

100% Natural Supplement that may assist in the maintenance of the entire gastrointestinal system via:


- Line, soothe & protect gut mucosa for naturalprotection of the entire gut lining

- Antiulcer action to prevent ulcer development

- Provide nutrition for cell repair of damaged bowel

- Detoxify liver & bowel contents

- Liver, kidney & pancreatic protective

- Assist coping with stress, lowering cortisol levels

- Better Insulin response, assist with prevention of laminitis

- Prebiotic & live Probiotics to colonise & grow in gut

- Seaweed for Natures Superfood; source of prebiotics to support probiotics


Slippery Elm 18%; Marshmallow 12%; Licorice 10%; Milk Thistle 12%; Glutamine 4% Seaweed Meal 40%; Probiotics 4% Saccharomyces yeast( S. Cerevisae & S. Boulardii) (100 Billion CFU/5 gm)

Instructions: Feed 20 - 40 gm once day in damp feed. Veterinary advice to feed 5 days per week only.

As with all Medicinal Herbs, we advise to allow periods of time to rest the body from supplements. Do this either by feeding 5 days a week or 3 weeks per month. 

After feeding for a 3 month period, we recommend removing Licorice from the formula. The balance of ingredients will be adjusted accordingly.

This formula may be fed alongside anti-ulcer supplements such as Omeprazole. Herbal formulas must be given time for their actions to effect - they are not drugs. So having this supplement in your horses system may allow ongoing action against ulcer development.


Equine Probiotic Digestive Supplement