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Veterinary Herbalist Dr Joan Deetman has developed the HoneyPro Vet Herbal Dietary supplement "DogPro" in her clinic. Enormous success has been achieved with the product, with many clinical cases achieving long-term control of chronic skin problems.

In addition, the product provides relief for acute and chronic gut problems, including Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). We know there is a direct link between the bowel and immune system, with 70% of the immune cells located in the bowel.

DogPro is an integral part of the"Management of Itchy Pets and Bowel Disease" protocol in our clinic. This protocol includes advice on parasite control, diet advice, and further complementary therapies.

HoneyPro DogPro Feed Supplement is a Veterinary compounded blend of herbs, kelp, probiotics & amino acids. Highly palatable, sprinkle onto your pet's moist feed to improve the bowel's health. By decreasing inflammation the healthier bowel will resist absorbing allergens & toxins. This is then reflected in improved skin & coat condition, with clients reporting the cessation of itching in their pets on our protocol.

Further benefits include improved stool quality; improved demeanor is also noted in our patients when inflammation in the body is removed; clearer eyes and reduced brown tear staining.

Read more in our BLOG -:HERE


Ref:Wiertsema, S. P., Garssen, J., & J. Knippels, L. M. (2021). The Interplay between the Gut Microbiome and the Immune System in the Context of Infectious Diseases throughout Life and the Role of Nutrition in Optimizing Treatment Strategies. Nutrients, 13(3).


    • Improving gut health is an important first step in improving our pets' overall systemic health. Reducing bowel inflammation and maintaining a healthy bowel will result in enhanced immune activity,  improved skin & coat health, increased tolerance to allergens & assisted removal of toxins from the body.

      Our Veterinary recipe consists of specifically chosen medicinal herbs, antioxidants and probiotics. The herbs include demulcent gut protectants that cover, soothe & heal the intestinal surface, preventing "Leaky Gut". Herbs & Vitamin B  to support liver health and function, therefore assisting toxin removal. Added enzymes heal damaged intestinal cells, thus also supporting the immune system.  

      Flaxseed and Kelp powder adds a source of antioxidants and Omega 3, to assist in removal of unwanted excess cellular  toxins, as well as acting as a prebiotic source for probiotics. 

      This is an ESSENTIAL SUPPLEMENT for those pet owners wanting to manage Itchy Pets. Customers will also receive our Client Handout on Management of Itchy Pets. 250 gm jar

      • Slippery Elm
      • Kelp (Ascophyllum Nodosum)
      • Marshmallow
      • Milk Thistle
      • Flaxseed Meal
      • Glutamine
      • Probiotics - Multistrain 180 mill. CFU/gm
      • B Complex Vitamins
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