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Our best selling items for at home dental care. Simply add to feed and water to assist in the reduction of plaque formation on teeth. Readily accepted by cats and dogs.

Dental Care Combo

  • Ascophyllum Nodosum: One of natures superfoods that can help to improve the overall health, fertility and immunity of all livestock and birds.

    Dental Care - Studies have shown that a daily intake of this seaweed meal assists in the reduction of plaque forming bacteria. Readily accepted by dogs and cats, simply sprinkle onto food daily.

    Prebiotic Source - prebiotics for optimal gut health, improving digestion and ensuring animals are able to make the most of available feed.

    Amin acids, vitamin & mineral source -  in an organic and bio-available form that is easy for animals to digest and absorb.

    Oxyfresh Water Additive is our best selling product - simply add daily to your pets (dogs & cats) water bowel to aid in reducing plaque build up. Readily drunk by all pets. Essential for pets who don't allow manual toothbrushing.

    • Bad Breath - The patented blend of Oxygene® and zinc helps to clean the teeth and eliminate bad breath
    • Effective - Oxyfresh helps maintain normal healthy teeth and gums…safely
    • Tasteless and odourless – Even the fussiest dogs & cats can't detect the clear Oxyfresh in their water
    • Non-Toxic - Xylitol, chlorhexidine, alcohol & dye free formula, 100% safe for dogs, cats, and other pets
    • Convenient - Just add 5ml (capful) to water bowl (1L) daily

    Team Oxyfresh Water Additive with our Clean Teeth Seaweed enzymatic plaque powder added to feed for even better "at home" dental care.

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