Ever wanted to just quickly ask your vet a simple medical question about your horse – without having to book a full consultation?  Perhaps you have a fitness question, are not sure if your horse is unwell, or simply want some extra advice. Well now you can – with our Equine Wellness Plans (EWP)!

"You will have constant access to a Senior FEI Equine Veterinarian 

for even the simplest of problems or questions! "


EWP provides peace of mind for you knowing you can access expert advice for even the simplest of issues. Get advice from our Senior Veterinarian via phone or electronic communication, and NOT advice from Dr Google!

You can choose either a 6 or 12 month plan. Each plan includes full physical consultation/s, we record all your horses details, history, workload & perform comprehensive blood testing. We want to know what your horse is used for, what training you do and all about diet and husbandry. Now that we have a full profile on your horse, which we can access at any time, you can contact us whenever you need some advice.

Now you don’t have to postpone nor avoid getting the advice you want! In addition, our referral colleagues at Murdoch University are on hand whenever required. We have access to surgical, medical, dental, imaging and pathology specialists if needed.

What Value Would You Put on Unlimited Expert Vet Advice?


  • Peace of mind knowing you have access to Unlimited Expert Veterinary Advice

  • Peace of mind knowing you have prepaid consultations up your sleeve

  • Choose from either a 6 or 12 month plan.

  • Get on with your normal training routine knowing your vet is there in the background.

  • Keep us updated with changes to your training regimen & horses response.

  • Access to Special Deals & regular emails on topical subjects.

  • Fantastic Value – what value would you put on 12 months of Unlimited Vet Advice?


  • Full physical consultation/s in our clinic (-at your home add travel fee)

  • Full history record, diet, current meds, husbandry schedule

  • Comprehensive Blood Test/s

  • 10% off consumables.

  • Unlimited Vet Advice – phone, email, text, send pictures

  • Access to Murdoch University & Veterinary Specialist Referral

  • Exclusive Facebook Group for chat and even more advice.


  • General health full profile examinations

  • Medical & injury examinations

  • Training & fitness monitoring

  • Pre & post competition examinations.

  • Sport Horse Medical & Injury Rehabilitation


6 Month Plan:       $ 340

  • Three (3) x full physical consultations including exercise & lameness examination.

  • Consults include one (1) initial and two (2) further consultations.

  • Comprehensive blood test x 1.

  • Complete record compilation.

  • 10 % off consumables.

  • Unlimited Veterinary Advice by phone, text or electronic communication


12 Month Plan:   $ 450

  • Four (4) x full physical consultations including exercise & lameness examination.

  • Consults include one (1) initial consultation and three (3) further consultations.

  • Comprehensive blood test x 2.

  • Complete record compilation.

  • 10 % off consumables.

  • Unlimited Veterinary Advice by phone, text or electronic communication


Services Available:

  • Sport Horse Medicine & Injury Rehabilitation Clinic

  • Digital Xray systems

  • Diagnostic & Therapeutic Ultrasound

  • Therapeutic Laser Therapy

  • Clinic stabling & 50 ha farm training & spelling facility


  • Emergency consultations & treatments.

  • Travel fees

  • Cost of medications & consumables

  • Medical, injury & rehabilitation treatments & fees

  • Surgery fees

  • Imaging



  • Horse must undergo full initial physical consultation within 4 weeks of plan purchase.

  • All advice given in telephone, electronic communications or from photos does not preclude the need for further full physical examinations.

  • Prescription medications are only provided as a result of the applicable consultation.

  • All consultations & examinations under the EWP arrangements, are applicable to general, non-emergency situations.

  • Contact for general enquiries 8 am – 6 pm Monday - Saturday. This includes general phone conversations, text messaging, emails and photo messaging.

  • Emergency calls available 24 hr/7 day (not applicable to EWP)

  • After the initial EWP consultation, further consultations and blood test/s can be used at any time during the plan period.

  • One plan per horse. Non-transferable between horses.

  • If horse is sold, leased or passes away, plan is not transferable.

  • Plans are not refundable under any circumstances.

Horse Whisperer

“To know I can contact Dr Joan at any time gives me such peace of mind. Knowing that my daughters pony has an such an experienced person close at hand -  it's great trust .”

— Natalie M., Perth

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“I'm an Endurance rider and knowing I can call on Dr Joan after any event or long workout improves my understanding of the sport and helps me to adjust my training if necessary.”

— Gill T., Perth

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