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At Silverson Vet Clinic we combine Traditional Veterinary Medicine with Veterinary Herbal Medicine & Complementary Therapies such as Therapeutic Laser Therapy (TLT). Our special interests lie in Wound Care using TLT and herbal medical products in all animals. This integrated approach results in holistic pet care - treating the "whole animal".

Using Veterinary Herbalism, Dr Joan will use natural herbal blends and tonics to provide natural medical care, working alongside traditional vet medicals.

When treating illness & patterns of disease, chronic conditions, pain management, and palliative conditions, we consider imbalances within the whole animal body, the animals' environment, routine care, nutrition, and most importantly, the human-animal bond.

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Dr. Joan Deetman is a Senior Veterinary Surgeon who has owned & operated at Silverson Vet Clinic for nearly 30 years.
We provide services to clients with small animals, horses, and farm animals in Serpentine, Baldivis, Keysbrook, Byford, Pinjarra, and all surrounding areas. 
Medical Consultations, Surgery, Clinic & Mobile Vet House Calls.
Telemedicine consults are also available.
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Farm animals can be seen at our clinic or on housecall provided appropriate handling facilities are available. 

Telephone advice is available - please call for a chat if you have concerns:

M: 0407 774 595

In our Veterinary Herbal Apothecary, we compound HoneyPro Vet Organic Vet Products.

This is a range of Herbal & Organic  Wound Care Products & Feed Supplements


Dr. Joan Deetman has always been passionate about cosmetic wound healing in her patients. With Continuing Veterinary Education as a Veterinary Herbalist & long experience in the use of honey in wound therapy, Joan created a range of organic treatment products for daily use in her clinic. These products are now available for all pet owners.


The HoneyPro range of products allows Dr. Joan to practice Integrative Veterinary Medicine. Traditional Veterinary therapies are combined with Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine. The HoneyPro range of products has expanded to include wound care products, animal tonics, teas, and feed supplements for horses, dogs, cats, and farm animals.

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Consultation Hours

M: 0407 774 595

By Appointment

Monday -Friday: 8am-6pm

Sat:  9am-11 am

Contact Us

2715 South Western Highway
Serpentine WA 6125 Australia

0407 774 595

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" Dr Joan is a highly capable Endurance Vet, able to successfully treat horses in any situation."

- Endurance Rider


"Dr Joan did a great job stitching my foals face. Surgery healed without a scar - a great cosmetic result!"

— J. Dillon

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