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At Silverson Vet Clinic we serve our clients with one goal in mind

- to provide a service you can trust. Trust builds loyalty & we aim to develop a vet-client relationship that results in healthy, fit pets, pleasure horses & successful performance horses.

From general to urgent care, for dogs, cats, horses & small farm animals, Silverson Vet Clinic is a true "Mixed Practice". Clients may feel comfortable in requesting information, at any time, for any animal.

Small Animals services include Medicine, Surgery & Dentistry.

Equine services include our Sport Horse Medicine, Performance & Injury Rehabilitation Clinic and General Equine Clinic.

Dr Joan Deetman Senior Veterinary Surgeon

Equine Vet & Small Animal Vet 

Silverson Vet Clinic

Sport Horse Medicine Clinic

Injury Rehabilitation Clinic 

Small Animal Clinic 

Small Animals

Routine medical consultations regularly performed offer the best possible way of monitoring your pets health.

Our physical exams will cover every hairy part of your pet, from top of the ears to tip of the tail!


 Equine Services

Dr Joan Deetman is an experienced Equine Vet in Perth & an internationally accredited FEI 3* Official Equine Vet.

Over 30 years involvement in the equine industry has provided Dr Joan with a solid, thorough knowledge of the equine industry.    


Equine Sports Medicine Clinic

In Equine Sports Medicine we combine the Principles of Veterinary Medicine with the well established Principles of Equine Biomechanics, Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation.

Goals of our Sport Horse Medicine,Performance & Injury Rehabilitation services:

  • Diagnose & treat issues affecting performance or injury

  • Design rehabilitation programs for horse & client

  • Maintain peak performance in Sport & Leisure horses    


The Sport Horse Medicine & Injury Rehabilitation Clinic is set on 130 acres with excellent facilities for horses of all disciplines. Spelling facilities consist of a variety of superb shady, safe paddocks, work arenas and topography extremely amenable to our rehabilitation work.


Farm Animals

Diagnostic Services

Farm animals can be seen at our clinic or on housecall provided appropriate handling facilities are available. 

Our In-House Diagnostic & Laboratory equipment allow us to perform Xrays, Ultrasound, Blood & Urine tests, microscopy for medical exams & pre-anaesthetic testing, and much more. 

Consultation Hours

M: 0407 774 595

By Appointment

Monday -Friday: 8am-6pm

Sat:  9am-11 am

Contact Us

2715 South Western Highway
Serpentine WA 6125 Australia

0407 774 595

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" Dr Joan is a highly capable Endurance Vet, able to successfully treat horses in any situation."

- Endurance Rider


"Dr Joan did a great job stitching my foals face. Surgery healed without a scar - a great cosmetic result!"

— J. Dillon

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