Official Equine Event Vetting

Dr Joan Deetman is an Official FEI 3* Endurance Event Vet and 3* Endurance Treatment, she also officates at FEI Eventing competitions. Joan has been an Endurance vet for more than 20 years. This involves officiating at local rides, national and international enduarnce rides.

Local rides are run fortnightly throughout the season. The process involves preride vetting where the horses are checked before the ride to make sure they are fit to compete. The competitions range from 20km, 40 km, 80 km, 120 km or 160 km. Each distance will be made up of legs usually around 40 km after which the horses will be checked, there will be a rest period then they will go back out on track and checked again after the next leg.

These rides may take up to 24 hr to complete, in any weather, which makes for long nights and takes a lot of stamina for all concerned - riders, horses, strappers, officials and vets!