Learn to Perform a Clinical Exam on your Pet

Performing a clinical exam on your pet will allow you to closely monitor your pets physical condition and alert you to any changes.

If you discover abnormalities you will be able to accurately communicate your findings to your vet.

With a stethoscope & thermometer, Pet Owners will learn how to:

  • Listen & record heart rate at rest, after exercise & in recovery; learn to listen for abnormal heart sounds
  • Measure & record respiratory rates (RR) at rest, after exercise & in recovery. Recording RR when your pet is asleep is an important tool in the management of heart disease.
  • Measure your pets temperature and learn what is normal. Any unwell pet must immediately have a temperature recorded.
  • Check eyes and ears - learn what is normal and compare to potential abnormal conditions.
  • Check skin, coat and check for lumps and bumps
  • Learn to identify limb pain - lameness and arthritis being very common conditions pet owners need to be aware of and potentially treat.

Our FREE E-books cover a variety of topics & medical issues of dogs and cats.

  • Learn about different medical conditions, body weight, diet, drinking and toileting habits.

Everything you learn will assist you in ongoing monitoring of your pets health. This programme does not intend to replace regular veterinary visits for your pet which we advise occur at least twice a year.


"Perform a Physical Exam on Your Pet"

PLUS stethoscope and thermometer


Joan Deetman 2013