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  • Racehorse agistment & short term racehorse spelling, sporthorse agistment, injury rehabilitation and foaling down are provided for in a safe, secure environment.
  • Racehorse owners - overseas and interstate clients welcome. We will keep you regularly updated with news and photos of your horses progress and wellbeing.
  • Racehorse & sporthorse injury rehabilitation welcome.
  • Agistment is available to all classes of horses from young stock through to colts, mares with foals, hacks or spelling racehorses. Short or long term arrangements can be made - from a few weeks to full time. Pre-booking is required for foaling down.Yearling coltscan be gelded then allowed to recover and grow.
  • Strict husbandry protocol is adhered to. We have incoming quarantine procedures where our horses are wormed and yarded for 24 -72 hrs to allow them to settle. They are then moved out gradually to small then larger paddocks according to their behaviour.
  • We ensure our horses are compatible in their paddocks - we do not tolerate fighting, fence walking nor over-dominance. Horses may be kept alone, in pairs or in a small group if compatible or to owners requests. We keep several older horses to act as guardians and nannies.
  • Fences are safe Horserail with electric and sight wires. Being on the gentle rise of the scarp our long sloping paddocks are fantastic for growth and development in youngsters and will keep performance horses toned and fit.
  • Protection is provided with shelters and trees; our paddocks provide a natural environment in which the horses thrive, returning from spells totally rejuvenated, ready to compete.
  • Stables are modern, safe with rubber flooring.Extra large stables accommodate mares with foals.
  • Our strict husbandry protocol includes 6 weekly farrier visits, regular drenching and dental care. We insist all stock must be well handled, able to be caught and led easily from large paddocks.


" Trainer was very impressed with the condition of our yearlings - thankyou for taking such good care of them"

Country Owner

"Thankyou for looking after our broodmares foaling down so well.

Overseas Owner


Racehorses enjoying a spell SB colts in summer


Excellant facilities are available for stud work including purpose built indoor mare and foal crush and large safe yards so that mares can come in for ultrasound follicle testing before service and pregnancy testing.Artificial Insemination can be performed with chilled or frozen semen.

Floodlit foaling paddocks and large, safe specialised foaling down boxes. Limited number of mares are booked each season to allow personalised one-on-one attention to broodmares and foals.

Mares should preferably be on site 6 weeks prior to foaling date to allow for local antibodies to be formed in the colostrum or "first milk". It is extremely important that the foal receives colostrum to allow for passive transfer of immunity.

Specific attention is paid to ensuring foals receive management for correct growth. Changes in leg angularity occurs on a daily basis so our management regime of strict observation, nutrition, stabling and/or graded exercise management is employed to ensure optimal foal development.

Our superb stable complex is available for foal confinement if necessary - foal growth, behaviour and leg development being vigilantly monitored.

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Large sloping paddocks help keep horses fit whilst spelling.

Racehorses will return to work refreshed, relaxed and ready to work without losing excessive fitness - reducing pretraining periods.

Our management strategy is to keep all horses content and as safe as possible.



For more information on foaling down, spelling or racehorse agistment at Silverson Agistment Centre, CLICK HEREand request Agistment Information.

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